3D laser scanning London

3D laser scanning

3D Laser Scanning

Put simply, 3D Laser Scanning has made surveying possibilities limitless. With less time on site, these innovative instruments can capture more information than ever before possible using traditional methods. Whilst in operation, they will collect millions of individual points on site with the push of a button. Scanning still requires knowledge and application of original land surveying disciplines are essential to providing an accurate end product. Once the site work is complete, our highly experienced surveyors will process all of the data collected using the latest software techniques available to create a point cloud.

The point cloud is a 3D shape consisting of the millions of data points captured by the scanners, all accurately pieced together to form the cloud. This cloud can then be interrogated in a manner of ways in Auto CAD allowing for the creation of accurately drawn 2D plans. Because of the amount of data available when the AutoCAD linework begins, we can provide clients with clear representations of their project with any amount of detail required.